160kW YC Silent Diesel Generator Set

160kW YC Silent Diesel Generator Set

Established in 1995, Foshan Minyuan is one of the leading and professional manufacturers and suppliers of 160kw yc silent diesel generator set. Equipped with advanced equipment and technology, our factory now has quality and precise 160kw yc silent diesel generator set for sale. Welcome to find...


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160KW Guangxi Yuchai series diesel generating sets technical   specifications

Generator technical   data:

Unit type: MYGF-160

Steady state voltage   adjusting rate ( % ): ≤±1

Output power: 160KW

Voltage fluctuation   rate ( % ): ≤±0.5

Power factor: COSΦ=0.8 (Lag)

Transient voltage   regulation ( % ):+ 20 ~- 15

Output voltage: 400V/230V

Voltage   stabilization time ( s ): ≤1

Output current: 288A

Steady-state   frequency rate ( % ): ≤±1

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Frequency   fluctuation rate ( % ): ≤±0.5

Rated speed: 1500rpm

Transient frequency   rate ( % ):+ 10 ~- 7

Fuel type (standard) 0# Light diesel oil   (normal temperature)

Time frequency   stability ( S ): ≤3

Overall dimensions: 1600×1000×1600 ( L×W×H mm )

Fuel consumption ( 100% Load): 210g/kW·h

Unit weight: 2000kg

Noise ( LP7m ): 95dB ( A )

Diesel engine   technical data:

Brand / Origin: Guangxi Yuchai

Cooling method:   closed water cooling

Oil type: YC6G245L-D20

Supply mode: direct   injection

The number of   cylinders / Structure: 6/L

Speed mode:   mechanical speed

Bore stroke: 108×132 mm

Air intake: Turbo

Compression ratio: 16.8 : 1

Overload capacity: 110%

Starting method: DC24V Electric start

Go Speed:1500rpm

Technical   parameters:

Brand / Origin: Yufa (standard) / In Guangxi

Protection class: IP22

Model of motor: YLW-160

Connection mode:   three-phase four-wire, Y Type method

Rated power: 160KW

Adjustment method: AVR (Automatic voltage   regulator)

Rated voltage: 400V/230V

Output frequency: 50Hz

Insulation class: H Class

Output coefficient: COSΦ=0.8 (Lag)

Generator standard   configurations are as follows:

Ø Direct injection internal combustion engine (diesel);

Ø Generator (unit bearing);

Ø Suitable for the environment 40 - 50 Radiator water tank, belt driven cooling fan and fan   safety shields;

Ø Air switch, power output to the standard control   screen;

Ø Unit steel total bases (including: unit with vibration   isolating rubber pads);

Ø Dry-type air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, start the   motor, and is equipped with self charging generators;

Ø Start initiates the connection of battery and battery   cables;

Ø For industrial use 9dB Muffler and connect   with standard parts

Ø Random information: the original diesel engines and   generators technical documents, generator specifications, test reports, and   so on.

Optional accessories   (additional cost):

Ø Oil, diesel, water jackets, anti-condensation heaters

Ø Split fuel tank fuel tank, integral base for daily use

Ø Battery float charger

Ø Rain-prevention unit (Cabinet)

Ø Self protection and self-startup Control Panel

Ø Single-unit (Cabinet)

Ø " Three remote " Functional units   Control Panel

Ø Mobile trailer-utility (bin trailer)

ØATS Automatic load screen

Ø Silent mobile power station (bin trailer)

Warranty period:

(Domestic)   commissioning after acceptance 12 Month or cumulative running 1000 Hours before   expiration shall prevail.

 Due to product quality problem   free of charge repair, or replacement, lifetime paid service!

(Wearing parts,   stock parts, artificial damage, neglect of maintenance are not covered under   warranty)

Adjusted as a result   of the original with the original warranty regulations!

Payment and   delivery:

Payment on delivery,   payment card, online payment methods such as bank transfer, wire transfer,   cash, 15 Shipped within one business day.

Implementation of   the standards:

International   standard certification ISO9001 : 2000

Industry performance   standards GB/T2820.1997

Shipping method:

Such as home, car   delivery, car loading 

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