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Analysis of the structure and use of diesel generator set
Dec 03, 2016

A Taiwan General diesel generator group group main by diesel engine, and generator and control system three part composition, diesel engine and generator has two species connection way, a for flexible connection, that with even device put two part docking up, II for rigid connection, with high strength bolt will generator steel sex connection tablets and diesel engine fly roulette connection and into, currently market Shang of diesel generator group using rigid connection of compared more some, diesel engine and generator connection good zhihou installation in public chassis Shang, then distribution Shang various up protection role of sensor, As water temperature sensor, through these sensor, intuitive to put diesel engine of run state displayed to operator, and has has these sensor, on can set a ceiling, dang reached or over this qualified value of when control system will advance alarm, this when if operator no take measures, control system will automatically will unit stopped off, diesel generator group is take this way up self protection role of.

Sensor up received and feedback various information of role, real displayed these data and implementation protection function of is diesel generator group of control system, control screen general installation in generator Shang, called backpack type control screen, also has part is independent a screen placed in operation indoor, called points poses Control screen, control screen through cable and generator and sensor connection, respectively displayed electric parameter and diesel engine run parameter. In addition, generator sets and chassis, clutch, radiator, fuel tank, some fitted with silencer and Cap.

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