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Basic information about diesel generator
Dec 03, 2016

Internal combustion engine driven generators. It started quickly, is easy to operate. But the cost of internal combustion engine power is higher, therefore diesel generators for emergency backup power mainly, or in mobile power stations and some larger power grid has not reached the region. Diesel generators are often more than 1000 cycles/min, volume between thousands of copied tiles, especially in the 200-kilowatt of the unit used. It produces is relatively simple. Diesel engine output torque fluctuation periodically, so generators are in working under high vibration conditions.

Therefore, the structural components of diesel generators, especially the hinges must have sufficient strength and rigidity to prevent these parts break due to vibration. In addition, to prevent torque ripple caused by the rotating angular velocity discontinuity, causing voltage fluctuations, and cause the lights to Flash, diesel generator also requires a larger moment of inertia of the rotor and shafting torsional vibration frequencies with a torque of the diesel engine in the alternating component of the frequencies differ by more than 20%, so as to avoid resonance, resulting in broken shaft accident.

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