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Cause of diesel engine water temperature is too high
Dec 03, 2016

Diesel engine set water temperature is too high: first, no longer pump pump water function. When the weather is cold, pump body is not a small amount of remaining water drain, overnight may make pump body impeller and inner wall of water between frozen and expanded, not rotating impeller. Diesel engine starting operation, no cooling in the cooling water canal, make the body temperature quickly rise, water tanks ":".In addition, the fixed PIN broken or loose the impeller, pump shaft and impeller not moving, water pumps stopped pumping water, chilled water loops, leading to water temperature is too high. Second, the water in the cooling system.Diesel tanks there and fill it with water before starting or insufficient cooling system is leaking, pumping water or watercourse, pipe scale and dirt clogging and other reasons, will result in insufficient cooling water. Third, the fan belt slipping, broken, or distorted by touch fan blades.  In this case, fan belt too loose and easy to slip, pump speed, causing cooling system water temperature is too high. Finally, cylinder and piston clearance is too small.Cylinder liner and piston clearance is too small, small incisional gap of piston ring and piston connecting rod unit for installation is not correct, cylinder liner lubrication, frictions are caused by piston and cylinder liner, working temperature, leading to cooling water temperature too high. Finally, thermostat failure.  

Such as a broken thermostat failure, when the water temperature is higher than 70 ℃, the valve cannot open or open high enough, resulting in cooling water cycle cannot be made through the radiator water temperature is too high as a result. Last, too late for oil.  Late fuel, incomplete combustion of diesel, causing engine overheat, bottom surface of the cylinder head temperature, resulting in water temperature is too high. Check the judge: first of all, check the water pump. Connect radiator outlet pipe with hand cylinder heads, added by idling to high speed, such as increased water flow, description pump correctly, otherwise, description water pump pump water pressure, inspection should be carried out.If PIN broken or loose, pump shaft and impeller not moving, pump stops pumping water pump impeller pins should be replaced at this time if the pump impeller installed backwards, water pump will not pump water. Second, check the cooling water.

Before the engine is started check if the cooling water is sufficient, check the water pipe, tube heat is blocked. Third, check the fan belt.If the belt is too loose should be adjusted if the belt worn or broken, it should be replaced if there are two belts, only one of the damaged, must be replaced it with two new belt, do not use old and new, otherwise, will make the new shortened service life of the belt. Finally, check the cylinder and piston clearance.  Checks whether the incision of piston ring clearance is too small, the adequacy of the cylinder liner lubricating oil, if not required, needed replacement parts. Finally, check the thermostat.  Engines equipped with thermostat, if water tank water inlet a large stream of water outflow, lax description thermosta

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