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Diesel generating set cylinder cause belt replacement
Dec 03, 2016

Diesel generating set cylinder is actually the main reason the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner surface due to high temperatures and "splicing" strain. The Pistons do not dry with a cylinder due to the interruption of oil film between friction, friction heat of hot melting of metals micro adhesive and metal particles near breaking. Cylinder oil film is the most fundamental reason is interrupted. According to the gas seal requirements, gaps between piston ring and cylinder liner should be as small as possible, which makes their lubricating condition is very bad. Cylinder sleeve and piston ring friction depends on the elasticity of piston rings, working temperature, sliding speed, the film distribution, the quality of the parts and running, and so on. Overload when the contact surface, surface of cylinder liner and piston ring face intense friction due to direct contact between, lots of friction heat generated, so that surface temperatures have risen sharply, the consequences are two friction surface on adhesion and cause injury.

Thus, poor fuel supply, channeling serious, replacement parts contact stress of excessive oil, is a major cause of cylinder. In addition to lubrication, clearance, manufacturing quality, use can also cause cylinder, in particular the following points:

1. Piston and cylinder clearance is too small, or in formal work load had not been a good run-in.

2. Poor lubrication, such as clearance, oil diluted or Assembly without oil.

3. Engine overheating.

4. When assembling the body are dirty or piston mounted a too.

1, when the belt when cracks appeared in grass-roots (cracks in the belt, core breaks, Groove sections cracking);

2, grass-roots and Groove sections of the belt separation; base wear and cracking; rope line;

3, flank wear (that is, material damage, the side line, the side harden, slippery, surface cracks on the side);

4, the race section of the bore with no gap between the pulley Groove.

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