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Diesel generator set unusual sound processing and points for attention
Dec 03, 2016

Diesel generator start, heard at the top, the second cylinder of the upper part of the body has a very sharp, high tone metal percussion sound; diesel engine speed from the sudden drop to low speeds, could hear an "when when" metal beat

Problem analysis:

This problem is usually because diesel fuel supply advance angle is too small or connecting rod bushing wear has been formed.

Problem cause:

Copper 1 piston pin connecting rod small end bushing cooperation gap is too large.

2 cooperate with the pin hole of piston pin loose.

Wrong cleaning methods:

1 remove the top, 22-cylinder side cover the body, TRANS flywheel in diesel engine, top, 22 in squeeze, each cylinder piston stroke of the BDC.

2 grasp the center of the connecting rod bearings back and forth with his hands shaking, the investigation is in part to shake feelings of piston pin, results found that the second cylinder piston pin position has a shaking feeling, and there was a clash of metal.

3 open the cylinder, remove the piston rod Assembly, find connecting rod bushing wear serious, leading to abnormal sound.

After 4 replacement connecting rod bushing, piston rod according to the installation requirements and stage separation components, cylinder head installation is complete, and then adjust the valve clearance.

5 diesel generator before starting the preparations after the starting engine check, found metal percussion sound missing, diesel engines smooth, problems that are being removed.

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