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Generator danger
Dec 03, 2016

Before maintenance or repair generators, should hang on the start switch or lever-"no action" or a similar warning signs.

The generator is maintenance or maintenance do not allow unauthorized persons near the engine. And generator control panel press the emergency stop button, the generator output switch should be OFF (turn off) position.

According to the demands of the job, entering the generator installation site should wear a helmet, wear protective clothing should wear eye protection and other protective equipment when needed.

If run in an enclosed area the engine should wear protective ear protection to prevent damage to hearing.

Enlargement work site not to wear protective clothing and wear jewelry, these are likely to hang on the joystick or the other parts of the engine.

Make sure that all protective covers on the engine seat.

Be careful when you use all cleaning agents. Don't put maintenance solution in glass containers, glass containers are damaged.

Don't try to fix things you don't understand, do not use tools or you don't know how to use that equipment.

Unless otherwise specified, all maintenance projects should be carried out for the following

Stop the engine running when the engine is running, not to motor body repair or adjustment of engine-driven equipment.

Suspension warning signs at the generator, generator emergency stop switch down.

Disconnect the start battery before maintenance of electrical systems.

Don't fix something they don't understand.

Use of appropriate tools to replace or repair a damaged device.

Allowed only in generator control panel the engine started or shut down. Never shorted starter motor terminals or batteries, as the current can bypass-engine space launch system, damage to the electrical system.

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