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Generator notes
Dec 03, 2016

A, warning labels and signs

In all of our engine has some safety signs. Personally invite you to spend some time to familiarize yourself with the safety standards and content.

At the installation site and all safety standards should be clearly visible, if you can not see the text and illustrations, should be cleaned and replaced. Scrub when you sign with a cloth, SOAP and water. Do not use solvents or petrol, these solvents and gasoline might slacken logo adhesive substances, falling standards.

If the sign is damaged, lost and could not see, you should have to put another one.

You read and understand the operating and maintenance instructions in the manual before and warnings, the operation is not allowed on the engine and at the engine. Do not follow the instructions or ignore the warning will result in damage to the generator or personal injury accidents.

On alert

! Danger please fully understand the warning, be sure to follow safe operation warning content. Do not avoid it, there is a high probability of death or serious bodily injury risk.

! Warning do not avoid it, and potential danger of the possibility of death or serious injury.

! Note do not avoid it, the potential danger of the possibility of minor or moderate injury.

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