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Generator sets basic profile
Dec 03, 2016

Generator refers to the mechanical energy or other renewable energy into electrical energy generating equipment. Our common generator typically consists of turbines, turbines or internal combustion engines (gasoline engines, diesel engines and other engines) driven, renewable energy, including nuclear, wind, solar, biomass, and ocean energy. Due to the large capacity of the diesel generator, and power machine runs and lasted longer, can also be run on its own, not with the regional power grid in parallel operation, fault does not affect, and high reliability.

Mains are not very reliable, especially for certain areas of case, as a standby diesel generator power, it can play the role of emergency power, but also the adoption of rational optimization of low voltage systems, usually more important load in a power outage, so is widely used in the project. Generators for common basic principles and structures of the following form here.

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