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Production processes and generating set of diesel generator set winter maintenance tips
Dec 03, 2016

A daily maintenance

1, check the crankcase oil plane, such as insufficient, oil should be added;

2, check the oil pump, water pump, filter and there is no leakage at the connection, leaks are found should be excluded;

3, check that the fuel in the fuel tank is sufficient enough to be sufficient;

4, check the stability of bolt of diesel generators and accessories;

5, check the instrument connector is loose, the pointer is returned to zero;

6, check that the operating mechanism is flexible, accurate and reliable;

7, check the triangle drive belt tension is suitable, suitable, should be adjusted;

8, keep the diesel generator room tidy.

Second, diesel generators a technical maintenance

1, often sweep the room, erase the generator surface oil, water and dust and keep neat and clean;

2, check and adjust inlet and exhaust valve clearance;

3, for all injection nozzles, add grease lubricated parts;

4, check the four leaks (oil, water, gas, electricity) are excluded;

5, check the suitability of the charging alternator fan belt tension (normally in the middle belt and the pressure of 3 to 5 kilograms, the belt should be able to press 10 to 20 mm distance);

6, replacing three filters (oil, fuel, air);

7, check the fuel pump drive the bolt is loose, injection advance solutions;

8, check if there is water in the fuel oil tank, oil water filter, identify the cause, remove;

9, according to the different models and the oil change the oil on time;

10, check the drive belt tension and safety cover installations, the reliability of electric protection circuit (low oil pressure, high water temperature);

11, always check the exhaust gas turbocharger inlet and exhaust pipe, connectors for leak, cleaning, blowing air inlet or air filter (blow an air filter every 200 hours);

12, measuring the insulation resistance insulation resistance should be greater than 0.5 euro;

13, check the bearing lubrication and moisture conditions, such as high temperature, causes ruled out and filling the lubricant. Today more than 100 hours a month.

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