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Rational use of diesel generators to reduce abrasion analysis package
Dec 03, 2016

Diesel engine friction increases with increasing speed and load. As load increases, the increased pressure on the friction surface, hot conditions. When the speed increases, half the number of friction units of time, while at the same power, the speed increase bigger than the load increase wear. Liquid lubrication low speed does not guarantee good conditions also increases the wear, so, on certain diesel engine, one of the most appropriate working speed range. In addition, diesel engines often acceleration, deceleration, stopping and starting, unstable work, due to the frequent changes of speed and load, bad lubrication of diesel engines, State of thermal instability, increasing wear. Especially when starting and low speed of crankshaft, diesel generator set oil pump for oil was not paid, low oil temperature and oil viscosity, is difficult to establish a liquid lubricant on friction surface wear is very serious.

In summary, to use diesel engines, reducing wear and tear parts, shall be the following several aspects:

1. Reasonable choice of the working condition of diesel engine.

2. Improving the quality of diesel engine running.

3. Selection of suitable engine fuel and lubricants.

4. Improve the technical level of operation and maintenance in a timely manner.

Diesel generator manufacturer for diesel generator how to package it? There are several different forms?

Flexible packaging

Now markets pop up packaging, namely wrapping film for diesel generator summary of flexible packaging. Packaging costs cheaper packaging simple, mainly used for short distance transport, currently diesel generators low price, low profits, every generator manufacturers tend to use cheaper package. The downside of diesel generators no larger protective effect;

Packed in

Wooden diesel generator package, which also applies in relation to the most traditional packaging material, package prices are higher, but for the long-range transport of diesel generators play a protection. Diesel generators in the exported products are generally made from wood packaging, export packing must be fumigated, through the epidemic prevention department checks before they can be used;

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