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Analysis Of Exhaust Fumosoroseus And Failure Reason Of Diesel Generator Set
Oct 11, 2017

Analysis of exhaust fumosoroseus and failure reason of diesel generator set

1. Overview

The fumosoroseus of a diesel generator set refers to the exhaust gas fumosoroseus from the exhaust pipe when running. When normal combustion, it should be a colorless transparent gas. However, due to the machine wear, improper adjustment, the impact of the working environment, fuel injection and oil supply time is not appropriate, and many other factors, diesel generator groups often appear exhaust smoke, blue smoke and black smoke phenomenon. The diesel engine exhaust fumosoroseus directly reflects the fault of diesel engine and the quality of combustion. The mechanism of diesel smoke and the relationship between Fumosoroseus and fault are clarified. It can improve the economy of diesel engine, reduce fault and reduce pollution, and make diesel generator set in good condition.

2, the formation mechanism of exhaust fumosoroseus

During the operation of diesel engine, the fumosoroseus of exhaust gas can be divided into three categories: white smoke, blue smoke and black smoke. Different fumosoroseus have different formation reasons.

2.1 White Smoke:

Diesel exhaust smoke is due to the diesel engine cold, cold weather, start-up and empty cars idle turn. At this time, the cylinder temperature is low, the fire is not good, the fuel is not fully burned, by these incomplete combustion or partial oxidation of the fuel droplets and water vapor composition of the particle (μ) diameter in 0.6~1 the particles above the exhaust gas, the formation of white smoke. Diesel engine after warm machine, the temperature is normal, white smoke will disappear.

2.2 Blue Smoke:

When the diesel engine is running at low load, the combustor temperature is low, the fuel ignition performance is bad, the fuel or the lubricating oil that flees into the combustion chamber is not completely burned (μ), that is, the particle state diameter is discharged under 0.4, thus forming the blue smoke. In the discharge of blue smoke at the same time due to the combustion of the middle () to produce formaldehyde also expelled, and thus a pungent odor. Blue, white smoke and there is no strict composition difference, only because the diameter of the particles different light reflection, produce different colors.

2.3 Black Smoke:

Easy to take place at high load. For example, when a diesel generator is overloaded with work, the car accelerates and climbs, the exhaust gas is prone to black smoke. Black smoke diesel engine running in the black smoke, will make economic decline, high gas temperature, the production of carbon, carbon deposition will cause the piston ring die and valve bite death phenomenon. In addition, diesel smoke will hinder the sight, pollution of the environment. Therefore, the diesel engine is not allowed to work under black smoke for a long time. After the black smoke, the diesel engine load can not be increased. Therefore, it is also a sign to limit the increase in load.

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