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Brush Causes Of Generator Brush Red Flower
Jun 04, 2017

We know diesel generator  from engine, generators and water tanks are assembled, and the generator brush  generator and brushless synchronous generator. Has  brush generator electric brush and the exciter electric brush resistance  coefficient smaller, and performance compared stable, but by electric brush of  pressure, and pass flow of size, and around environment humidity, and  temperature, and clean degrees, and sliding ring surface and electric brush of  wear degrees and electric brush itself manufacturing process, factors effect, in  long-term run run in the, occurred electric brush flaming spent, even for  electric brush reasons was forced to downtime of fault is often occurred  of.

Generator brush blaze flowers for many reasons, practical  reasons for using a brush blaze in the process spent the following four  conditions:

1 And  brush pressure differential or does not meet the requirements. Brush factory-manufacturer has relevant provisions: brush  pressure is adjusted to minimum pressure spark does not occur, the minimum  pressure is generally 200~300?/c? , That is, 0.02 ~ 0.03MPa And  pressure should be uniform among the various brush. Uneven  pressure in the following three cases:

( 1 ) Generator in the long run if a brush friction was too  short, or brush in the brush box, card case with delays, pressures will have  uneven;

( 2 ) The heated soft factors such as mechanical, spring itself,  may also result in pressures up to brush without spark theory of minimum  requirements;

( 3 ) And  when we lift, impacting the carbon brushes alone, no experience, operation error  is very large.

2 Bearing  vibration. Run generator lead time, fatigue, aging,  and more complex factors will cause increased bearing vibration, brush with  vibration, uneven friction brush column, loose wire and spring, local flaming  flowers slowly further influence global.

3 And  brush current density is too large. In actual operation, if  one or two brushes jam due to mechanical reasons, insufficient spring pressure  causes no output, for the maintenance of normal load, current through the other  brush will increase, increase flow if there is friction in the brush brush, due  to contact with slip-ring area, contact surface flux density increases.  According to Q=I*IRT, less  heat is proportional to the square of the current, when the accumulation of heat  dissipated, sharp increases in temperature, brush and slip ring contact surface  will produce sparks. Sparks after the election, amidst the brush  work, thus a vicious circle so that brush snapping more seriously, a few have  this serious condition occurs when looping.

4 And  brush the surface clean, and this is one of the most neglected. The normal operation of the generator brushes are sealed in a  closed cabinet, polar brushes set in gear on the shaft axial-flow fan rotor wear  under graphite powder, brush the heating time away, to clean the cooling effect.  If the door doesn't stay closed, or patrol when closed, dust  with the hot outside air into the brush, attach to the brush pole, effect  brushes heat sink on the one hand, on the other hand brushes spark brush surface  clean, brush between the dielectric strength easily Flash enough. In addition seal rings on the bus with a spirally grooved  together, this is the heat dissipation area to increase the brush to improve  contact with the brush, brush more adequate cooling, and easier for the toner  out. If the door doesn't stay closed, fans are no longer available  outside the dust very easily in a spiral groove, the consequences can be  imagined. Excitor brushes to consider its relatively  low voltage bare surface, also advise maintenance cleaning on a regular basis.  

       Others, such as brush polishing poor, poor manufacturing  processes and brush out, contact resistance is too large, the gap is not  uniform, high load, short circuits and other reasons, in actual use is also  possible, but years of practice see above 4 Reasons, the majority of the points, with improved generator,  has now started to use brushless generator, to reduce downtime caused by brush  of failure. 

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