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Can You Use Diesel Generator In Rainstorm, Lightning And Weather?
Jun 14, 2017

Affected by the El Nino phenomenon, many local China domestic natural disasters, heavy rains frequently, the power supply department to protect the safety of power control of the area will quite a lot of friends, customer service through the website or dedicated to the people of Foshan source generator equipment Co. Ltd. in this weather asked whether the use of diesel generators, this small company manager Yang we answer the question.

Diesel generators as a portable power supply device itself can supply limited scope and use place can be conveniently replaced; thunderstorms can be placed in indoor, but sometimes diesel generators are needed in outdoor use, encountered bad weather will involve lightning protection equipment, then the lightning protection generator which requires specific steps?

First of all, it is necessary to determine the lightning protection mode of the generator, mainly according to the size of the generator capacity, the intensity of local lightning activity and the reliability of the power supply.

Theory and practice prove that after the transformer and overhead transmission lines connected to the generator, as long as the reliable protection of transformer, generally do not need to take further measures for lightning protection of generator, CAAC, especially important generator without direct overhead wiring, to prevent lightning high voltage side of transformer transformer after wave generator insulation endanger should be in line with the generator, a group of arrester magnetic blow.

The generator connected directly with overhead distribution lines must be protected by lightning protection, and different lightning protection measures shall be taken according to different conditions in accordance with the national standard design specifications. The lightning arrester used for protecting high voltage rotating machines usually uses magnetic blow arresters, and the arresters should be installed close to the generator. In general, the arrester can be installed in the motor at the outlet; as in every group on the bus the generator does not exceed two units, or stand-alone capacity of not more than 500kW, and the lightning arrester distance is less than 50m when the lightning arrester can also be installed in each group on the bus when the motor with the neutral point can leads and not directly grounded, should set up a magnetic blow or common valve type arrester installed in the neutral point. Outdoor use of generator equipment must pay attention to lightning protection, to ensure personal safety, this is also the source of generators, Chongqing Cummins diesel generator sales, the most concern by customers,

Foshan diesel generator sets, civilian source generator equipment here to remind the attention of the majority of users.

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