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Cause Analysis Of Loss Of Diesel Generator
Aug 16, 2017

  Cause Analysis of Loss of Diesel Generator

  Diesel generator in operation, due to excitation circuit, short circuit, open circuit, excitation current or rotor circuit problems caused by the loss of power generator, the control system should be recorded as follows:

  1, stator voltmeter indicates a significant decline;

  2, the rotor ammeter, the voltmeter indicates zero or close to zero;

  3, electronic ammeter instructions increased and shaking;

  4, the generator active power table indicates a negative value;

  5, the generator active power meter instructions drop and swing.

  The generator in the operation of the loss of excitation current, so that the rotor's magnetic field is not seen, Diesel Generator the possibility of magnetic switch false trip. In addition, the excitation machine excitation system problems, rotor loop disconnection and other reasons will lead to magnetic field is not seen. When the loss of magnetic attack, the rotor magnetic field will be seen, the electromagnetic torque reduction, showing excessive torque, from the synchronization, the rotor and the stator has a relative speed, the stator magnetic field to slip speed cutting the rotor surface, the rotor surface induction current. Diesel Generator The current and the nail rotation of the magnetic field effect to produce a moment, often referred to as asynchronous torque, the asynchronous torque here is also a resistance torque, it from the braking effect, the generator rotor will overcome the torque in the process of doing the work, So that mechanical energy into electricity, can continue to send reactive power to the system. The generator speed will not increase without limit, Diesel Generator  because the higher the speed, the greater the asynchronous torque. In this way, the synchronous generator is equivalent to becoming an asynchronous generator.

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