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Cleaning Method Of Diesel Generator Parts
Jul 21, 2017

  Cleaning method of diesel generator parts

  In the maintenance of diesel generating units, often need to clean the surface of the parts grease, coke, scale and rust and so on. Due to the different nature of the various dirt, the removal method is not the same. The following is the company for the user to sort out some of the cleaning methods, we hope to help:

  1, diesel generator sets of oil cleaning methods

  Parts of the surface of the oil deposition should be thick when the first scraping, the general should be in the hot cleaning fluid cleaning parts of the surface oil, commonly used cleaning fluid alkaline cleaning fluid and synthetic detergent. diesel generator When using alkaline cleaning solution for thermal cleaning, heat to 70 ~ 90 ℃, the parts immersed in 10 ~ 15min, and then remove and rinse with water, and then dry with compressed air.

  2, diesel generator sets of carbon removal method

  Removal of coke can use a simple mechanical removal method, that is, with a metal brush or scraper, etc. to clear, but this method is not easy to remove the coke clean, and easy to damage the surface of the parts, it is best to use chemical removal of carbon deposition, Carbon (chemical solution) heated to 80 ~ 90 ℃, diesel generator the parts of the coke expansion softening, and then use the brush and so on to clear.

  3, diesel generator sets of scale removal method

  Scale chemical treatment is generally used to remove the scale of the chemical solution added to the coolant, the engine work for a certain time, and then replace the coolant, commonly used to remove the scale of the chemical solution are: Gou sodium solution or hydrochloric acid solution, sodium fluoride hydrochloric acid Detergents and phosphoric acid detergents, diesel generator phosphoric acid detergents suitable for the removal of scale on aluminum parts.

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