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Diesel Generator Operating And Maintenance
Dec 03, 2016

A maintenance (maintenance)

L) check the generator work daily;

2) check the alternator, coolant oil plane plane;

3) daily inspection for damage and leakage of generator, the belt is loose or worn;

4) check the air filter, clean the air filter element, if necessary;

5) released water from the fuel tank and fuel filter or sediment;

6) check the water filters jintan generator rentals

7) check the starter battery and battery fluid, if necessary, add additional liquid;

8) starter alternator and check for any abnormal sound;

9) use air gun to clean water tanks, cooling and heat network of dust.


1) repeat a-daily inspections;

2) per 100-250 hour, to replace the diesel filter;

All the diesel fuel filter cannot be cleaned. Can be replaced. 100-250 hours are only one time and must be replaced according to the actual cleanliness of diesel;

3) per 200-250 hour, to replace the generator engine oil and oil filter;

Oil must meet United States APICF and above;

4) replace air filter (unit 300-400 hours);

Pay attention to the room environment and decided to replace the air filter, this filter is to use air gun to clean;

5) replaced the water filter and add DCA concentrations;

6) clean crankcase breather valve filter screen.

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