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Diesel Generator Set Requirement For Coolant
Dec 03, 2016

Diesel generating set in the cooling system with coolant (water) must be with a clean, soft water, such as rain, snow, water and so on, should be used to filter. Water contains more minerals, such as well water, spring water, water, water for hard water, hard water calcium, magnesium and other components easy to decompose at high temperature and form scale in the water jacket. Very poor heat conductivity of scale (thermal conductivity values are brass 1/50), will seriously affect the cooling effect. In addition, cooling water should have rust and freezing capability, which can be solved by adding additives necessary. Hard water can not be used as cooling water, but softened after the treatment you can use.

Water softening methods commonly used are the following two:

(1) hard water boiled, impurity precipitation and pour clean water in the cooling system above.

(2) adding softener in hard water. As in a 60 liter water 40 grams of caustic soda (NaOH), a little stirring after precipitation of impurities, water softening.

In the winter, diesel generator set the parking time is too long, the cooling water may freeze, causing frost crack failure of cylinder block, cylinder head. And when the winter parking, cooling in the cooling system must be put out or use antifreeze coolant.

Maintenance of cooling system of diesel generator must note:

(1) antifreeze coolants are poisonous.

(2) during use, as the water evaporates, cooling liquid will reduce and become sticky, so in the case of no leaks, need to be added to the cooling system on a regular basis an appropriate amount of pure water. No 20-40h need to check the weight of the antifreeze.

(3) antifreeze coolant, more expensive, and after the end of the action period, available sealed tank containers save up for winter use.

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