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Diesel Generator Unit Carbon Deposition Reasons
Jul 21, 2017

  Diesel generator unit carbon deposition reasons

  Diesel generator set carbon word the majority of users have not heard of, do not know how this is the same thing. Today, the technical staff to tell you about the concept of diesel generator carbon deposition and the reasons for the phenomenon, how to deal with and solve the problem. The so-called diesel generator carbon deposition is actually diesel and fleeing into the combustion chamber of the oil is not completely burning products, the top of the diesel engine piston, combustion chamber wall and around the cylinder is a common phenomenon. A large amount of coke will have a certain impact on the performance of diesel generators, and its ultimate performance is: to bad combustion, heat deterioration and reduce the reliability of the injector work. There are many reasons for the formation of carbon deposition in the generator set. According to the personal experience of the technical staff, it is found that the main reason for generating carbon deposition is 6 points:

  1, the injector work is not normal, such as bad atomization, drip, fuel injection pressure is too high or too low and fuel injection time too late or too late, too much fuel injection, will make part of the fuel combustion is not complete.

  2, channeling oil serious.

  3, serious air leakage.

  4, the cooling water temperature is too low, affecting the normal combustion of fuel.

  5, diesel and oil grade is not right, poor quality, after the formation of charcoal combustion.

  6, diesel engine overload or temperature is too high, too little fire, so that fuel combustion is not complete

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