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Diesel Generators Take White Smoke
Apr 23, 2017

Cause: indicates that the atomized diesel is injected into the cylinder fails to complete combustion is expelled. Due to three main reasons: one is the nozzle jammed, low pressure diesel spray bad; the second is more air in the oil, diesel oil in the water; the third is with black smoke causes the same fuel supply too late.
Troubleshooting: check injector, adjustment or replacement of the nozzle check oil, excluding air in the circuit, and the use of standard diesel; adjust the fuel supply advance angle, and adjusted in the same way when you smoke.
Generator blue smoke

Cause: the engine burning oil. Due to three main reasons: one is the counterpart of piston rings, engine oil into cylinder; second, air filter oil oil level more than ring groove height; third, catheters and excessive clearance between the valve stem.
Excluded method: on piston ring for adjustment, makes ring of opening staggered
120 degrees or 180 degrees, ring opening should avoid piston pin hole and side pressure larger of direction; adjustment air filter device oil disc oil bit height, makes of fell to ring slot height following; on catheter and valve Rod clearance had big of, should replaced parts, narrowed clearance, both normal tie clearance for 0.05-0.12 mm.
Generators belching black smoke

Reason: shows that in some of its cylinders diesel aerosol particles do not burn that is excreted. Generally caused by three: one is for too much oil, diesel engine overload; second is the injector oil pressure low, poor atomization of diesel; the third is late for oil, the engine temperature is low.

Troubleshooting: to supply too much diesel, reducing the amount of oil, kept within normal operation; injector of diesel engine oil pressure low, promptly repair or replace fuel injectors, improved fuel injection pressure; the late supply of diesel engines, regulating fuel supply advance angle. Adjustment, first loosen the two fixed on the timing gear take the keyboard screws, toggle the keyboard in a clockwise direction, the fuel supply advance angle is 16-19 degrees, ranges from 22.5-28.5 mm, at the same time, the engine temperature 80-90degrees centigrade. Nor should have generators of high water temperatures and low water temperature

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