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Emergency Treatment Measures For Diesel Generators
Jun 13, 2017

  Emergency treatment measures for diesel generators

  When the diesel generator is in emergency, the duty officer should do

  1. Maintain a high degree of calm and high sense of responsibility.

  2. If the solution should be resolved as far as possible, the scope of the impact to the minimum, if it can not be resolved in a timely manner to the relevant department staff to report.

  3. In the event of an emergency, the evacuation site should not be related to personnel to do safety precautions.

  4. Report to the head of engineering.

  When a diesel generator is in fire

  1. The diesel Engine generator room has installed seven fluorine propane gas fire extinguishing device. When a fire alarm is reached in the diesel generator room, the fire extinguishing device automatically sprays the gas to extinguish fire. If the fire extinguishing device can not automatically extinguish fire, on duty personnel should promptly receive the fire extinguishing device, fire extinguishing device back to emit sound and light alarm and fire.

  2. In the event of gas extinguishing, indoor personnel must evacuate the scene and close the corresponding fire door.

  3. If it is a small fire alarm, in the case of fire extinguishing device has not started, you can use the fire extinguisher in the engine room to extinguish fire, the specific operation according to the fire extinguisher instructions.

  4. After the fire, other procedures according to "Fire, fire emergency treatment" treatment.

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