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Fault Summary Of Diesel Generators
Jun 27, 2017

  Fault summary of diesel generators

  When the diesel engine in the operation of abnormal phenomenon, usually issued a abnormal sound, usually on the diesel engine "auscultation" can know whether the diesel engine is faulty, diesel generator if you hear abnormal noise, should immediately stop the diesel engine to check, check Reason.

  (1) Diesel engine injection time is too early or too late: the cylinder issued a rhythm of crisp metal percussion or low sharp percussion sound, this time should adjust the fuel injection advance angle.

  (2) connecting rod bearing wear to make the gap is too large: running, in the crankcase to hear the impact of mechanical parts, suddenly reduce the speed of the diesel engine can hear a heavy and powerful impact sound, this situation should be demolished bearing, If necessary, should be replaced.

  (3) piston pin and connecting rod small head hole with too loose: diesel engine running light and sharp sound, this sound is particularly clear at constant speed, replace the small rod bushing to make it in the specified gap Within the range.

  (4) Piston and cylinder liner gap is too large: the diesel engine running in the cylinder block to hear the impact of the sound, diesel generator the speed increases when the increase in sound, this time should replace the piston or wear conditions replace the cylinder liner.

  (5) Diesel Engine Valve Spring Break, Tappet Bend, Putter Sleeve Wear: A slightly rhythmic percussion sound is emitted throughout the cylinder. Check the diesel parts and replace the damaged parts and correct the valve clearance.

  (6) crankshaft rolling the main bearing radial clearance is too small: the engine running a particularly sharp sound, increase the throttle when the sound is more clear; crankshaft rolling the main bearing radial clearance is too large: diesel generator the operation issued a " At this time should check the sound of the rolling main bearing, if necessary, replacement.

  (7) crankshaft before and after the thrust bearing wear, axial clearance is too large lead to crankshaft before and after the swimming: diesel engine running, hear the crankshaft before and after the collision of the sound, then check the axial clearance and thrust bearing wear, Replace if necessary.

  (8) between the rocker adjustment screw and the putter's spherical seat between the inorganic oil, abnormal operation in the diesel engine noise analysis cylinder head to hear the dry friction issued by the "creak" sound, then the cylinder cover should be removed , Tim injection of oil.

  (9) turbocharger operation when there is abnormal collision sound, then should check whether the bearing wear, impeller blades are bent, the same amount of measurement of the main diesel engine running abnormal noise analysis gap and adjust and replace Damaged parts, cleaning the supercharger oil filter and the inlet and outlet piping to ensure that the diesel engine is running abnormal noise failure analysis of lubricating oil flow. diesel generator The same time as the above-

  (10) the valve hit the piston: the operation of the cylinder head issued a heavy and uniform, rhythmic percussion, with your fingers gently hold the cylinder head cover nuts have a collision feeling, remove the cylinder head cover, check the phase Touch the cause, adjust the valve clearance, if necessary, check the abnormal operation of diesel engine noise analysis Piston model is wrong, if any collision, diesel generator may be appropriate to dig deep valve pits or increase a thickness of 0.2mm or 0.40mm, shape and cylinder Bottom of the same copper leather pad.

  (11) into the exhaust valve gap is too large: abnormal operation in the diesel engine noise analysis cylinder head heard a rhythm of the larger sound, this time should be re-check the valve clearance.

  (12) transmission gear wear, the gap is too large: in the front cover at the abnormal sound, when the diesel engine suddenly can be heard when the crash speed, this time should be adjusted backlash, depending on wear and tear replacement gear.

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