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Generator Selection Of Cooling Must Meet These Requirements
Apr 03, 2017

   Power machines Commonly used cooling water cooling, hydrogen cooled, air cooled three. In General, is the use of water cooling system of generator stator winding, it is the use of cooling water flow in the pipe Loop to remove heat to play cooled. Do you know what are the requirements for cooling? To lead the star explained.        

   Because the generator cooling water is as the cooling medium in the high electric field, hence the higher requirements on water quality. Compared with conventional cooling, generator cooling water in addition to meet the requirements of no corrosion, scaling, you must also have good electrical insulation properties.

Conductivity of the insulation on the parameter is. Conductivity of the cooling water reflecting the ion content in water. When the conductivity is too large, can cause large leaks current so that ageing of insulating conduit, lead generators and white Flash, and even destroy equipment. With the improvement of capacity, on the conductivity of the cooling water requirements have become more sophisticated. In order to ensure the generator has sufficient electrical insulation properties, country, industry developed standards, and most of the generator producers put forward higher requirements on water quality standards, unit capacity of 200MW units and above, the runtime, actual control of electrical conductivity generally requires less than 2 μ S/cm.

Is in need of attention, because needs less cooling water in generators and high-purity, not easy to scale, sterilizing and anti-fouling treatment is not usually required. But if cooling water quality is not good enough, not for sterilizing and anti-fouling treatment of cases, scaling may occur after a period of use, block, allowing the user to choose carefully the cooling water.

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