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GeneratorPower Increases
Aug 23, 2017

Sui with the progress of automotive technology, automotive power consumption is getting higher and higher. 20 years ago, the intermediate car generator output power is generally only about 500 watts, and now the average mid-size car generators are about 1000 watts. The increase in generator power increases as the vehicle's electrical equipment increases. Now the generators on the car are air-cooled generators, by the pulley after the fan blowing into the chassis for cooling. In the existing air-cooled generator structure constraints, the increase in power will inevitably lead to increased generator volume.

First, the function of the generator

The generator is the main power supply of the car, its function is in the normal operation of the engine (idle above), to all electrical equipment (except starter) power supply, while charging the battery.

Second, the classification of generators

Automotive generators can be divided into DC generators and alternators, since alternators are superior in number to DC generators in many ways, DC generators have been eliminated, and all current cars use alternators, alternators according to different The classification method is divided into the following categories:

1. The overall structure of the knot is divided into five categories

(1) General alternator (generator to be equipped with voltage regulator when used) Example JF132 (for EQ140)

(2) Integral alternator (generators and regulators made as a whole generator) The engine of the Buick car is equipped with CS-type generators (including CS-121, CS-130 and CS-144) Different models)

(3) Generators with pump alternators (generators mounted with vacuum boosters for automotive brake systems) JFZB292 generators.

(4) Brushless alternator (generator without brush) Example JFW1913

(5) permanent magnet alternator (magnetic pole made of permanent magnet generator)

2. According to the rectifier structure divided into four categories

(1) six tube alternator example JF1522 (Dongfeng Motor)

(2) eight tube alternator example JFZ1542 (Tianjin Xiali car)

(3) nine tube alternator example (Japan Hitachi, three Ling, Mazda car)

(4) eleven tube alternator example JFZ1913Z (Audi, Santana car)

3. According to the magnetic field winding type of two categories

(1) One end (negative) of the magnetic field windings of the internal alternator alternator (connected to the housing)

(2) One end (negative) access to the magnetic field windings of the external alternator alternator, through the regulator and then ground.

Third, the alternator model

According to the People's Republic of China automotive industry standard QC / T73-93 "automotive electrical equipment product model preparation method" provisions, automotive alternator models are as follows:

Product code

Product code in Chinese letters, Example: JF - General alternator JFZ - Integral (regulator built-in) Alternator JFB - Alternator with pump JFW - Brushless alternator

2. Voltage rating code

The voltage level code is represented by an Arabic numerals. Example 1 indicates a 12V system, 2 represents a 24V system, 6 represents a 6V system

3. Current rating code

The current rating code is also represented by an Arabic numerals

4. Design serial number

Design serial number with 1 to 2 Arabic numerals, said the product design of the order.

5. deformation code

Alternator to adjust the arm position as a deformation code, from the drive side, adjust the arm on the left with Z said, adjust the arm at the right with Y said, adjust the arm in the middle without marking.

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