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Generators Of China Leasing Industry Development Trend
Dec 03, 2016

For some time a large area "power shortage" the emergence of generator generators and related equipment in China and the world ushered in the "bull market". We focus on present situation and development trend of Chinese generators. Generator development process in China in 1986, China wind turbine generator and diesel generator sets of parallel technology research borne by the Lanzhou Institute of power vehicles, after 5 years, successively in two different kinds of parallel operation on the 10-kilowatt wind turbine has obtained a great success in 1991, passed the State appraisal. Our wind power with diesel power parallel operation technology has reached the international level. 1982 United Kingdom first reports on the solar batteries, wind power generation communication power supply and diesel generator set combination of field test results, the total power is 75-kilowatt, for 431-kilowatt, solar, wind, diesel generator for 226-kilowatt.

Of course, new energy including geothermal energy and sea tide energy and biological mass energy, the development of new energy sources have associated with internal combustion power plant. In addition to being guaranteed power, biomass power generation is the first that are used in internal-combustion generators. In recent years, biomass energy generator market in China has also made great progress. Since 1996, Chongqing Hongyan engine limited liability company first two 180-kilowatt biogas generator set since, two 200-kilowatt of rice husk gas generators, biomass power generation units in China is showing good market prospects. 1997 by Weifang diesel engine factory Peterson group and Hong Kong-New Zealand TFS company funded production engine's professional companies can contribute substantially to the promotion of biomass generating capacity and level of development. Now the two companies have launched a 30~200 kW single fuel gas-fired generators and dual fuel 80~300 kW gas generator, for the further development of the biomass energy generator product use and popularity have laid a solid foundation.

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