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How To Find The Oil Leakage Point In The Pipeline Of Diesel Generator Set
Oct 11, 2017

How to find the oil leakage point in the pipeline of diesel generator set

The oil leakage of diesel generator sets is of great harm. and the fuel supply system of diesel generators is mainly used in the soft hose, in the process of the use of the unit, soft hose easy to rub with the surrounding parts, in the long-term wear and tear caused by oil leakage. It's not so easy to find the leak, and today we've summed up a few ways to find out how to spot the oil in the pipeline of a diesel generator set.

Method One: The diesel generator set the air in the oil line, and then start the unit, to find out where the leakage of diesel is the leakage point.

Method Two: The diesel generator set of injection pump gas screw loosen the oil pump oil, if found in the gas screw at the beginning of a large number of bubbles, after repeated hand pump bubbles still do not disappear, you can determine the oil tank to the pump section of low pressure circuit leakage point exists. The pipeline should be removed, through the pressure gas and placed in the water, to find out where the bubble is leaking point.

In addition to the problems of the diesel generator set pipe, in the pipe joints of various washers will also be improper installation, deformation, aging and other damage caused by leakage points. These nodes should be inspected first before detailed inspection of the pipeline.

If you have not found the oil leakage point of the diesel generator after the above inspection, then you can check the oil tank outside a section of hard tubing, to find the leakage point will be blocked after it, but if the oil spill point is too large, it is recommended that you replace the new tubing.

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