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How To Remove The Generator Carbon And Scale
Jul 10, 2017

  How to remove the generator carbon and scale

  Long-term use of hard water in generators will deposit a layer of yellow-white scale on the inner wall of the cooler and pipe. generator Causes the thermal conductivity to drop, the cooling effect is not good!

  1 phosphate removal scale with 3%-5% sodium phosphate solution injected and maintained after 10-12 hours, making scaling to produce soluble salts

  2 Alkali solution to remove scale with caustic soda, kerosene and adjust to a certain proportion of the solution, generator in the cooling system stay for 12 hours, after cleaning with water

  3 acid pickling solution is often phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid cleaning

  Diesel Generators clean up carbon

  Carbon deposition causes Cummins generators to accumulate on valves, pistons and cylinder caps. We generally take mechanical removal, chemical, electrochemical three methods.

  1 Mechanical removal method: using wire brush and scraper to remove carbon, this method is simple, easy to damage parts surface, generator carbon deposition is not easy to clear

  2) Chemical method: For some finishing parts of the surface, mechanical cleaning can not be used to remove the chemical solution

  3) Electrochemical method: The alkali solution as electrolyte, chemical reaction and hydrogen stripping together under the action.

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