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Judgment Method Of Power Deficiency Of Diesel Generating Set
Aug 04, 2017

  Judgment Method of Power Deficiency of Diesel Generating Set

  1, see smoke phenomenon

  When working in the diesel engine, open the oil cover, if there is a stock of smoke from the oil port cover, said the next smoke. Under the smoke phenomenon is serious, indicating that the piston, cylinder liner, piston ring and other pieces of serious wear and tear.

  Open the valve compartment cover, if there is a trace of blue or white smoke from the valve root emerge, called smoke. On the smoke phenomenon is serious, indicating that the valve or valve seat wear serious or ablation, or valve clearance is too small or even no gap. By observing the smoke situation, you can directly see which valve, which cylinder leak, should be promptly repaired.

  2, see the water temperature check cooling system

  If the diesel engine room cooling system is too high water temperature, it can be said that the engine cooling water level is too thick or cooling related parts (thermostat, water pump, fan lights) inefficient or ineffective.

  3, blue with gas timing check gas phase

  Diesel engine after the production period, Diesel Generating the timing gear, cam surface, follower column and tappet will wear, so that the intake valve, exhaust valve opening and closing time to postpone the deviation from the best match the gas phase, so that the inflatable efficiency Reduce the power of the diesel engine. Therefore, to regularly check the diesel engine gas phase, if not meet the requirements should be adjusted.

  4, see the compression force check leak

  Check the compression force is: in the case of no decompression crank crank, when the compression caused by a large compression force, and then up to a force, loose handle but do not leave the handle, Large reflex, that compression force is very good, on the contrary, that the compression force is poor.

  5, to see smoke smoke smoke

  Diesel in the normal workplace, generally do not smoke or take some light gray smoke, sometimes difficult to see the naked eye. Diesel Generating If the smoke is black, it shows that the cylinder is less gas less, the combustion is not complete; if the white smoke, then the fuel mixed with water, or diesel is not completely burned, gasification from the exhaust pipe.

  6, to see the situation of carbon deposition

  Diesel engine exhaust carbon was dark gray, the performance to cover a layer of frost, carbon layer is extremely thin, indicating that the diesel engine working conditions; carbon black color, but not wet, indicating that the diesel engine slightly burn oil, should be promptly ruled out ; A cylinder exhaust port carbon deposition thickness was significantly higher than other cylinder exhaust, indicating that the cylinder fuel injector poor or poor cylinder seal, should be repaired or replaced; Diesel Generating individual exhaust wet or organic oil, Indicating that the cylinder a large number of row of oil, should be repaired; cylinder exhaust coke layer are thick, and the darker color, and more due to low working humidity, or fuel injection too late, diesel and then seriously Correct use and timely adjustment.

  7, see the fire sooner or later

  When the fire is to see if the fuel injection is normal, that is, whether the fuel supply advance angle is in compliance with the regulations, the oil supply is too late (the advance angle is too small), the diesel engine starts difficult, the combustion is not complete, the exhaust smoke, Power shortage; fuel too early (advance angle is too large) Diesel engine work when the percussion, easy to damage the parts, start prone to reverse, Diesel Generating but also affect the output of diesel power.

  8, see the fuel injection check stuck

  Fuel injection fuel injection should not be biased, no drip, oil mist evenly, the appropriate range, the work can be heard crisp "puff laugh, puff laugh" sound, hand strokes high pressure tubing pulse. Diesel Generating Good fuel injection and can not fully explain the oil circuit parts no problem, therefore, also need to check the fuel rod and fork with or without jam and loosening and so on.

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