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Knowledge Of DC Generator
Apr 19, 2017

DC generator The mechanical energy is converted into DC machines. It mainly as direct-current motor, electrolysis, electroplating, metallurgy, charger and alternator excitation of DC motor. Although in areas in need of direct current, electric rectifiers, and turn AC into DC power, but from the ease of use, reliability and performance of certain aspects of running, DC motors cannot be compared with the alternator.

Motor counterclockwise with constant speed of rotation of the armature, coil ab cd Cutting of different polarity poles of the magnetic field lines, respectively, induced electromotive force.

The working principle of the Dynamo is induced in the armature coil produces an alternating electric potential, combined with brushes of commutator reversing roles, so that when drawn from the brush into a DC electric potential because the brush A By commutating the resulting electromotive force is always cutting N Magnetic lines of force of the coil sides of electromotive force. So brush always has a positive polarity, same reason, brush b always has a negative polarity. So the brush lead unchanged but changing pulse of electromotive force.

Conclusion: the EMF of the coil is an alternating electric potential, electric brush AB End of the EMF is a DC electric potential.

DC generators, generator was driven by other machines at a uniform speed of the armature rotates counterclockwise, the coil abcd Cutting the magnetic induction lines. Right-hand can determine the AB direction of inductive electromotive force of conductor b → a;CD direction of inductive electromotive force of conductor for d → c, and vane 1 Contact brushes A Is positive, and slide 2 Contact brushes B For negative. When the coils go to neutral plane (the plane perpendicular to the magnetic field lines), the induced electromotive force decreases gradually from maximum to zero. When the coil turns neutral surface,AB conductor direction of inductive electromotive force generated by a → b;CD conductor direction of inductive electromotive force by c → d. At this point, the brush to slide with the commutator 2 contact brush b with slide 1 contact. With the coil in the magnetic field continues to turn, commutator slides 1 and 2 between the induced EMF is the size and direction of alternating electric potential over time, brush a, b Alternate contacts and coils while rotation of the commutator slides 1 and 2, so brushes and b produces pulsed DC electric potential, from And b the output is DC.

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