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Maintenance Steps Of Diesel Generator
Jul 10, 2017

  Maintenance steps of Diesel Generator

  As an independent power generating equipment, the diesel generator provides emergency power supply in the power outage, which brings us great convenience. In fact, the majority of the unit time standby standby state, the actual use of less opportunities, usually more to test machine, lack of more perfect detection, maintenance means. But this emergency standby power supply is indispensable. How to do the generator in peacetime use less situation, emergency can be timely power supply, safe and reliable operation, after the blackout can immediately stop.

  See the following related diesel generator repair steps.

  The first step, check the battery pack because the standby power supply is not often put into use, the generator can start normally, the key is the maintenance of the battery. If the battery has a problem, the more common situation is: there is no current voltage, then you can hear the start of the motor solenoid valve to absorb the sound, but with no movement of the coupling. There are three reasons why there is no downtime for the battery pack: 1. The use of stop battery charging in the test machine will lead to low battery power. 2. The use of mechanical oil pump by belt drive, rated speed of the pump oil is very large, but the battery pack is insufficient, resulting in downtime when the spring in the closure valve due to solenoid valve suction is not enough to seal the fuel from four out of the oil injection hole, resulting in no downtime. 3. Domestic batteries usually live for two years without regular replacement.

  The second step, check the starting Solenoid valve generator in operation, people summed up "one look, two listen, three touch, four smell" a set of inspection methods. Listening at startup is an important step. Take Cummins generators as an example, just press the Start button and start after three seconds. You can hear two clicks in three seconds. Once the second sound is not heard, it is necessary to check whether the start solenoid valve is working properly, if the electromagnetic coil is burnt, the generator will not start.

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