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Minyuan Generating Equipment Co Is The Story Of Diesel Generator What Are Some Common Errors?
Mar 30, 2017

  Minyuan for the story of diesel generator what are some common errors ? Diesel generator mistake can seriously affect the service life of diesel generator sets, here we look at on a daily basis, diesel generator set error mode of operation which

  Diesel generator error action:

Diesel engine oil when running Due to shortage of oil supply caused the friction surfaces for the oil shortage, causing abnormal wear or burn. For this reason, diesel generator before starting and during the operation of the engine to ensure sufficient oil to prevent cylinder due to lack of oil, burning failure.

   Mistake two diesel generators:

Urgent downtime with load or remove load immediately after a sudden stop Diesel generators remove from heat and cooling system water circulation stops, cooling capacity dramatically reduced heat loss cooled, produce parts such as cylinder heads, cylinder liner, cylinder overheating, cracking or excessive expansion of the piston stuck in the cylinder liner. The other hand, stopping without idling diesel generator cooling causes the friction surface with oil shortage, when the engine starts again will wear due to poor lubrication. Therefore, the diesel generators stall should be removed before loading, and gradually reduce speed, no-load operation for a few minutes. 

1368KW英国进口帕金斯柴油发电机组1 拷贝.jpg

Mistake three diesel generators:

Cold start after the warm-up load Diesel generator during cold start, due to the engine oil viscosity, fluidity, is oil pump for oil shortage, friction surfaces of the machine due to lack of oil lubrication, causing rapid wear and even pull cylinder, burnt, and so on. Therefore, the cooling starts after idling to heat up until the oil temperature reached 40degrees centigrade above the load operation ; Machine should start hanging low gear, and take time to shift some miles for each, until the oil temperature to normal, after oil, can be converted to normal traffic. Mistake four diesel generators: diesel cold start pounding the throttle after pounding the throttle, diesel generator rotation speed increased dramatically, killing some of the friction surface on severe wear due to friction. In addition, the detonation gas piston, connecting rod and crankshaft to accept change, causing the dramatic impact, easily damaged parts. Mistake five diesel generators: insufficient cooling water or cooling water, excessive oil temperature operating diesel generator cooling water volume will reduce the cooling effect, diesel engines due to lack of access to effective cooling overheating ; High oil temperature of cooling water, oil, can also cause engine overheating. Diesel generator cylinder head, cylinder, piston and valve mainly heating load capacity, its sharp decline in mechanical properties such as strength, toughness, deformation increases, reducing the clearance between the parts, accelerating mechanical wear, severe cracks, of mechanical failure. Diesel generator overheating would deteriorate in combustion process of diesel engine, injectors work disorders, poor atomization, increasing carbon

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