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Misunderstanding Of Generator Selection
Jul 10, 2017

  Misunderstanding of generator selection

  1. The mistaken idea of generator rated capacity

  The output power of the generator is generally designed in accordance with the linear load, although the output power is also seen in the Power Volt-ampere value, but it refers to the reactive energy is caused by sinusoidal current waveform and sinusoidal voltage waveform between the phase difference. In the past, the generator load carried by the information center is mainly the power frequency model ups, which is not the phase difference between sinusoidal current waveform and sine voltage waveform, but the equivalent value. In other words, the power frequency model UPS load current is not the sine wave, but the pulse, the voltage is not pure sine wave in many times, but the distortion degree different distortion wave. The power factor calculated according to this waveform is also like O. 7, O. 8, but the meaning is very different, so the power of the generator for UPS power of several times. The selection of this multiple is explained in detail in later chapters.

  2. The misunderstanding of choosing generator and the problems needing attention

  It is generally believed that as long as the power of the information Center is fixed, the capacity of the generator L to 1 or a multiple purchase. Of course there are many examples of this, and there is not much to be done. The reason for this is that in most cases is the Grand Mara car, put the loopholes that have not been taken into account. In fact, the problem is not so simple, especially in the current call for efficient and energy-saving situation, the way the big horse-drawn car has become the past, should choose the power and use the value of the basic equipment, so some problems will have to be considered.

  The power selection of generators is the core content of the unit, and its principle is to meet the requirements at least investment. First of all, the definition of various power, analysis of the working nature of the Unit and the conditions for determining the power, not only this, but also according to the working conditions of the unit and the load characteristics to calculate and correct the required unit power.

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