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Noise Hazard Of Diesel Generator Set
Oct 23, 2017

The hazards of diesel generating set noise are manifold:

(1) Under the stimulation of high noise, the power supply duty personnel's attention is not easy to concentrate, the mood is annoying-, easy fatigue, the reaction is slow, the work speed slows down, the working trough drops, the serious person causes the human to be deaf. Even caused the accident. The state Ministry of Labor and Social Security promulgated the "Industrial Enterprise Noise Hygiene Standards", "the workplace noise standard is not less than 85da (A) The greater the noise, allowing workers to work less time

(2) Some high-precision equipment requirements for power supply in addition to the basic quality and guarantee, but also to the power supply equipment has special requirements, including the power supply equipment to the load equipment of electromagnetic interference limit value. And if the generator sets do not make a certain magnetic shielding will have a strong interference to the automatic production equipment, and affect the normal operation of high-precision equipment.

(3) The quality of communication in communication (vehicle) is seriously affected.

(4) The larger environmental noise pollution has an impact on the normal life of the residents nearby. 50d6 (A) above the noise will affect the residents sleep, strong noise will also affect people's health.

The automatic control process of diesel generator sets, many people may not be very familiar with, let's briefly introduce below.

1, to ensure that the starting Motor battery group can achieve normal start-up voltage.

2, to ensure that the radiator cooling water level is normal, and the circulation of the valve often open.

3, the fuel tank is more than half of the oil supply valve often open.

4, the fuel tank position to be kept in the volume of oil, the range should be positive and negative 2cm.

5. The "Operation-stop-automatic" switch of the generator control screen is placed in the "automatic" position.

6, the radiator blower switch can be played in the "automatic" position.

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