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On The Use Of Generators Under Harsh Environmental Conditions
Dec 03, 2016

Use of high altitude plateau area

Generators matching engine, naturally aspirated engine in particular when you use at high altitude, due to the thin air could not burn so much fuel as at sea level and lose some power, for naturally aspirated engines, generally a rise in altitude power loss 300m about 3%, so when working in plateau, lower power should be used to prevent smoke and excessive fuel consumption.

In extreme cold weather conditions jobs

• Increase use auxiliary starting devices (fuel oil heaters, oil heaters, water heaters, etc)

Using fuel heaters or electric heaters, cold engine cooling and heating fuel, lubricating oil, heating the engine as a whole in order to successfully start.

When the room temperature is not lower than 4 ° c, install coolant heaters to maintain the cylinder temperature is 32 ° c or more.

Install generator low temperature alarm.

Be reduced to-18 ° below ambient temperature generator also require lubricants heaters, fuel pipes and fuel filter heaters to combat oil-cured. Oil heaters are installed in the engine oil pan. Heat the oil in the oil pan to facilitate diesel engine start at low temperatures.

-10#~-35# is recommended for light diesel oil.

• Intake air heater heating

Preheating devices (electric preheating preheating or flame) into the cylinder the mixture (or air) heat, thus raising the compression end temperatures, improving fire conditions. Electric preheating method is installed in the intake manifold electric plug or heating element, heat directly into the air, it does not consume the oxygen in the air, and does not pollute the air, but it consumes battery power.

• Use low-temperature lubricants

Using low temperature oil and reduce oil viscosity, to improve liquidity and reduce internal friction of liquids.

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