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Perkins Diesel Generator Set Safe And Reliable Operation
Sep 12, 2017

Perkins Diesel Generator Set  used Perkins Diesel (also known as Rolls-Royce) as the driving force, Perkins was founded in 1932, for customers around the world, is the diesel engine and natural gas engine synonymous. Nearly 100 years of experience and more than 1500 million engine production results, making Perkins became the world A-certified enterprises. Has really to the internationalization of Perkins, in 13 countries with production sector, and formed by more than 4,000 distribution points and service centers of the global service network. In the field of power generation, covering 7KW-1811KW Perkins engine has excellent performance, reliability, durability and so on.

In today's power generation market, Perkins is the leading edge. Through continuous improvement and improvement of global cooperation, Perkins has become the world's A-level certification enterprises, and actively meet the power industry's existing and future challenges. In the application of generator sets, Perkins has a wide range of specifications, a complete range of ElectropakTM products, customers can instantly use. In the case of CHP, Perkins offers a dedicated range of engines that achieve maximum fuel efficiency and minimum operating costs. Perkins each year to produce more than 45,000 diesel and natural gas engines specifically for power generation.

For customers around the world, Perkins is synonymous with diesel and natural gas. Perkins Professional Engine Solutions has been fully trusted by more than 1,000 leading OEMs around the world, including the top OEMs in the power generation industry. For some people, Perkins' expertise has brought cheap electricity to areas that are not covered by the national grid. For others, the Perkins engine is another cost-effective alternative to the utility network. In short, Perkins can always provide a suitable solution for whatever the areas, such as lighting for the construction site, driving the welding device and providing heat to the hotel. For more than 70 years, Perkins has been working with industrial power equipment manufacturers side by side. Today, the Perkins engine is leading the world in terms of the traditional value of high reliability and strong power, or in modern quality management that focuses more on noise, cleanliness, longevity and economy. Perkins engine, your real power to choose!

Diesel generators are an independent power plant that provides emergency power supplies in the event of a power outage. In fact, the majority of the unit in standby standby state, the actual use of the opportunity to use less, usually more to test machine-based, lack of a better detection, maintenance tools. But this emergency backup power supply is indispensable. How to do the generator in the usual use of less cases, the emergency time to power supply, safe and reliable operation, after the end of power can immediately stop.

First, check the battery pack. As the backup power is not often put into use, whether the normal start of the generator, the key is the battery maintenance. Such as the battery pack has a problem, the more common situation is: there is no current voltage, then you can hear the start of the motor solenoid valve pull the sound, but with no fixed axis. There is a problem with the battery pack that can not be stopped for three reasons: 1. In the case of a test machine, it is not enough to stop charging the battery. 2. The use of mechanical pump by the belt drive, the rated speed of the pump under a large amount of oil, but the battery power supply is insufficient, resulting in shut-off valve in the closure of the spring due to the solenoid valve suction is not enough to seal from the four Out of the fuel, causing no downtime. 3. Domestic battery life is usually two years, there is no regular replacement.

Second, start the solenoid valve inspection. When the generator is running, people sum up the "one look, two listen, three touch, four sniff" a set of inspection methods. Start listening, is a very important step. To the United States original Cummins generator, for example, just press the start button, three seconds later, you can start. Within two seconds you can hear two "clicks". Once you can not hear the second sound, to check whether the start solenoid valve is working properly, if the electromagnetic coil blown, of course, the generator can not start.

Third, diesel, oil inspection. Because the unit is in a long time in the static, the unit itself with a variety of materials and oil, cooling water, diesel, air and other complex chemical and physical changes, which will "put" bad. For this reason should pay attention to the problem of oil. In order to fire safety, usually put the diesel fuel tank in a closed room, due to changes in the temperature of the atmosphere due to changes in temperature, the formation of water droplets attached to the tank wall, into the diesel, resulting in excessive diesel water content , Such diesel into the diesel engine high-pressure pump, will rust the coupling - plunger, serious damage to the unit. Generator lubricating oil is a shelf life, a long time storage, the physical and chemical properties of lubricating oil will change, resulting in deterioration of the unit when the lubrication state, likely to cause damage to the generator parts.

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