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Prime Minister Li Keqiang: To Encourage Chinese Power Equipment Out Of The Country
Dec 03, 2016

Overcapacity in China power equipment, advanced technology, to power as a leader looking for equipment going out of the way. The afternoon of January 5, Premier Li keqiang, Governor of Guangdong Province, accompanied by Zhu Xiaodan, visited Guangdong electric power Design Institute, and the view.

According to the stakeholders in the field, he first visited the homes designed in Viet Nam project model of thermal power plant and parts of the power plant costs and profits frequently ask questions. In the hospital while introducing the power plant equipment manufacturer engineer, he acts familiar to these manufacturers.

Li keqiang said overseas to build power plants, also substantial domestic iron and steel exports. Ask for details of the hospital in Viet Nam project profits, Li said: if domestic steel exports, profit will be considerable.

The engineer said, the current design standards for power plants in China and developed standards, at a world-class level. He immediately indicated that the standard-setting work are so important, Chinese standard would make the value of China's exports increased significantly, was "the breakthrough of Chinese exports on stage."

Li encouraged innovation in the science and technology of the hospital, and said it would give full support to innovation in the fiscal policy.

Li highly affirmed the work of the hospital, said the hospital "created conditions for many domestic enterprises, China standard Flash cards, Chinese equipment in the world."

He told the hospital staff said in parting, "I hope you become a Chinese equipment going out of the carrier. ”

Sources said the power system, the current overcapacity in China power equipment, select Li keqiang visited Guangdong electric power Design Institute and published this view, with the bellwether significance.

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