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Seven Specifications For Operation Of Diesel Generator Sets
Oct 11, 2017

Seven specifications for operation of diesel generator sets

First, the preparation before the start. Every time before the boot must check the diesel engine water tank cooling water or antifreeze is satisfied, if the lack to fill. Pull out diesel Generator set oil oil ruler to see if the lubricating oil is missing, diesel generator set if the lack to be added to the specified "static full" scale line, and then carefully check the relevant parts have trouble-free, such as found fault should be in time to remove the boot.

Second, it is strictly forbidden to start diesel with load. Before starting the diesel engine should pay attention to the output air switch of the generator must be in the shutdown state. General-type generator set after the start of the diesel engine after 3-5 minutes of idle operation (700 rpm/min) in winter, the temperature is low, idling operation time should be properly extended a few minutes. After starting the diesel engine first to observe whether the oil pressure is normal and there is no leakage, leakage and other abnormal phenomena, (under normal circumstances, the oil pressure must be in 0.2MPa or above) if found abnormal to immediately stop the overhaul. If no abnormal phenomenon will increase the diesel engine speed to the rated speed of 1500 rpm, at this time the generator display frequency 50HZ, voltage 400V, you can close the output air switch put into use. The generator set does not allow long time no-load operation. diesel generator set (Because the long time no-load operation will make diesel engine nozzle injection of diesel oil can not completely combustion results in carbon deposition, resulting in valve, piston ring leakage.) If the automatic generator set, then do not need idling operation, because the automatic unit is generally equipped with water heaters, so that the diesel engine cylinder block is always kept at around 45Co, the diesel engine can be activated in 8-15 seconds after normal transmission.

Third, pay attention to observe the working state of the operation. Diesel Generator set in the work, should have special duty, often pay attention to observe a series of problems may occur, especially to pay attention to oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, voltage, frequency and other important factors change. In addition, we should also pay attention to the availability of sufficient diesel oil in the operation, diesel generator set such as fuel interruption, the objective cause with load parking, may lead to generator excitation control system and related components damage.

Four, the operation of the generator should pay close attention to the engine sound, observe a variety of instrumentation instructions are within the normal range. Check whether the operation part is normal, the generator temperature rise is too high. and run the record.

V. When the generator is in operation, it should be considered to have a voltage even if the excitation is not added. It is forbidden to work on a rotating generator line and touch the rotor or sweep with your hands. The working generators shall not be covered with canvas and other objects.

No load shutdown is strictly prohibited. diesel generator set Before each downtime, you must gradually cut off the load, and then turn off the generator set output air switch, the final diesel engine deceleration to idle state operation for about 3-5 minutes before shutdown.

VII. The room shall be equipped with the necessary fire-fighting equipment, the fire accident should immediately stop the transmission, shutdown generators, and use carbon dioxide or carbon tetrachloride fire extinguishers to fight.

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