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Several Kinds Of Phenomenon Of DDiesel Generator Unit 's Oil Consumption
Jun 27, 2017

  Several Kinds of Phenomenon of DDiesel generator Unit 's Oil Consumption

  Diesel generator sets use the oil consumption is too large several phenomena are as follows:

  1, exhaust smoke normal, power does not decline. This is usually caused by oil leakage.

  2, exhaust smoke blue smoke but the power did not decline. Diesel generator This situation is generally caused by the combustion of oil from the supercharger and the diesel engine intake pipe into the combustion chamber.

  3, exhaust pipe to take blue smoke or black smoke and power also decreased. Diesel generator This phenomenon is due to the gap between the piston group and the cylinder is too large, the oil fleeing into the combustion chamber combustion. The other is the supercharger inhalation of air in the process, Diesel generator the air flow encountered resistance, the compressor air inlet pressure is too low caused by oil by the compressor, with the compressed air into the combustion chamber combustion.

  4, supercharger with metal friction sound. This is because the radial and axial pendulums of the turbine rotor assembly are too large and the blades of the turbine and impeller are rubbed against the turbine shell and the impeller shell.

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