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The Necessary Conditions For Generator Generator Units
Oct 23, 2017

The power supply of the power grid is based on the third case. Here, the power of the power grid is to provide the asynchronous machine with reactive current (excitation current), so that the power generation equipment can save the bulky capacitors, which is an important feature of this way of power generation.

Because there is no capacitor, the power supply has a very stable cycle. As a result, the power of the asynchronous machine only has a stable cycle. The cycle of the power supply is always the same, and the speed of the original motive itself is irrelevant. This is another important feature of this way of Generator electricity.

This way of Generator electricity does not require the core of the asynchronous machine to have residual magnetism, do not worry about voltage collapse. Thus it can start the motor with larger power. This is the third important feature of it.

Compared with the capacitance excitation, the power supply of power system has many advantages, but it should be used when the power supply is provided with reactive current. If it is far from the power grid, or it is not far, but the Hugong capacity of the large power grid is insufficient, then some small power stations can be linked into a small grid, with a large capacity of the Synchronizer more than "reactive" to the adjacent asynchronous machine to provide exciting current, so that the asynchronous machine more than "active" synchronous asynchronous parallel, active and reactive benefits. This small grid is not as stable and reliable as a large power grid, but it is better than an isolated small power station.

How to identify good generators

One, listen to the ear, low noise generator set, in our generator low noise diesel generator sets, this kind of generator than ordinary generator noise is a little lower, so good quality, and the price is relatively high.

Second, when ordering generators, observe its stability, good stability of the generator set good quality, good generators can be high load operation, for those less than 8 hours, it is recommended that you do not buy.

Good environmental protection of the generator set, in this special reminder of friends, the purchase of generators to see the environmental protection of the good or bad, but also to distinguish the second-hand refurbished diesel generator sets, and then the second-hand refurbished diesel generators, the price is cheaper, it is best not to buy, so not only environmental protection is not good, And for the late in the use of the process will be a failure, such as the machine will malfunction, and there will be harmful gas emissions, so that the staff's health has been seriously hurt.

Four, when we buy diesel generator sets, not only to see its quality, but also to consider its practicality, to understand the current, to understand the current purchase of diesel generators.

The price of a good quality diesel generator set is certainly higher than the average, so our friends are buying the diesel generator set not to covet the cheap price.

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