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United States Cummins Diesel Generator Set
Dec 03, 2016

First, United States Cummins diesel generator set generator product overview

1, advanced technology, superior performance and reliability.

2, generator excitation system can make the unit in any moment loads, frequency rapid recovery.

3 provide, kemai generating companies on the full range of products with the quality assurance.

4, kemai generator company professional service network all over the country, to provide 24-hour service and spare parts supply.

Second, the United States Cummins diesel generator set generator advantage

United States Cummins diesel generator unit of excellent quality, technical innovation driving abroad (United Kingdom Ricardo) advanced technology, further strengthening of its stability, reliability. Supplemented by a comprehensive after-sales service and plenty of spare parts supply, have contributed to higher market share for medium and small oil press unit. Weichai Ricardo R4105, R6105 series engine is the State enterprise of Weifang diesel engine factory and the United Kingdom joint-venture production, power 24KW-150KW, stable quality, value for money. And r series ordinary marine diesel engine based on supercharging and intercooling technology is used to design, and its inherited the r-series engines advanced technology, superior performance, reliability, and all other advantages, while due to the successful adoption of the supercharging and intercooling technology, so that the engine power reduced fuel consumption grow at 25%.

Kemai series United States Cummins diesel generator unit in similar products in better performance, better quality, more secure services, is the United States Cummins diesel generator unit sector product.

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