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What Are Construction Site Inspection Requirements Of Diesel Generator
Jun 06, 2017

What are construction site inspection requirements of diesel  generator


1 , The  construction site diesel generator rated voltage must be consistent with the  external line power voltage level.


2 ,  Stationary diesel generating sets should be installed in an indoor meet the  requirements on the basis of, and Interior floors higher 0.25~0.30m. Mobile  diesel generating set should be in a horizontal position, place firm, the  trailer should be a reliable ground, front and rear wheels stuck. Of diesel generator should built sheds for outdoor use.  


3 ,  Diesel generators and control, distribution, repair room should be set to ensure  electrical safety and meet the fire safety requirements. Exhaust  pipe should extend outdoor and is prohibited in indoor and storing oil barrels  near the exhaust pipe.


4 ,  Construction site installation of diesel-generator should be near load centers,  and out of line, surrounding roads and avoiding pollution downwind side and easy  ponding place.


5 ,  Generator power supply power supply chain must work with foreign lines, with no  electric circuits in parallel operation. Dang 2 units and 2 or more generator  parallel running, must be fitted with Synchronizer and synchronization in unit  and then power to the load. 

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