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What Are The Common Misuse Of Diesel Generators?
Aug 04, 2017

  What are the common misuse of diesel generators?

  Diesel generator sets will be a serious impact on the life of diesel generating units, let's take a look at the daily life, diesel generator sets of wrong mode of operation which?

  1, the diesel engine in the oil when running

  At this time due to lack of oil supply caused by the friction surface of the fuel surface is insufficient, resulting in abnormal wear or burn. To this end, before the start of diesel generators and diesel engine operation to ensure adequate oil to prevent the lack of oil caused by pull cylinder, burner failure.

  2, with a load emergency stop or sudden unloading load immediately after the shutdown

  Diesel engine generator after the shutdown of the cooling system to stop the water, cooling capacity drastically reduced, the heat lost the cooling, easy to cause cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder block and other parts overheating, resulting in cracks, or excessive expansion of the piston stuck in the cylinder Inside. On the other hand, the diesel generator downtime without idling cooling, will make the friction surface oil shortage, when the diesel engine will start again due to poor lubrication and wear. Therefore, the diesel generator should be unloaded before the shutdown load, and gradually reduce the speed, no-load operation a few minutes.

  3, diesel generator cold start, due to oil viscosity, poor mobility, oil pump is insufficient, the friction surface of the machine due to lack of oil lubrication, resulting in abrupt wear, or even pull cylinder, burner and other failures. Therefore, after the start of the diesel engine cooling should be idle operation temperature, when the oil temperature reaches 40 ℃ or more when the load operation; machine starting should be linked to low speed, and in a row in each gear for a mileage until the oil temperature is normal, After, can be transferred to normal driving.

  4, diesel engine after the cold start throttle throttle

  If the thunder throttle, the diesel generator speed increased sharply, will cause some of the friction on the machine due to dry friction and severe wear. In addition, the throttle when the piston, connecting rod and crankshaft force changes, causing severe impact, easy to damage the parts.

  5, in the cooling water shortage or cooling water, oil temperature is too high to run

  Diesel generator cooling water will reduce its cooling effect, the diesel engine due to lack of effective cooling and overheating; cooling water, oil oil temperature is too high, will cause the diesel engine overheating. At this point the diesel generator cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston components and valves and other major heat load, its mechanical properties such as strength, toughness and other sharp decline, so that parts deformation increases, reducing the gap between the parts, , Serious when there will be cracks, mechanical parts of the fault. Diesel generator overheating will also worsen the diesel engine combustion process, so that the injector work disorders, poor atomization, coke increased.

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