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What Causes Fast Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption
Dec 03, 2016

User response use diesel generator on the market process, fuel consumption occurs too quickly, but I don't know which part is from the start of processing, and analysis for all situations.

First, when oil consumption is excessive, you should first check the body and gear front cover, wheel side of the market, the back cover, cover cover if oil leakage at the connection. As oil spills, should observe the connecting parts of the gasket is complete, generator rentals to replace your damaged gasket. If gasket integrity, should pick up the check connectivity to various parts of the screw is loose. Loose bolt using a wrench to the specified torque. If above parts basic normal, and leak oil in machine frame location, should oil shell for check, main check parts in and line round with side of oil shell side of front-end, generator rental more for frame screws loose, line round in triangle with pull Xia and protection oil shell of machine frame angle iron produced long-term wipe touch, will oil shell mill through formed gap and produced leak oil.

Second, the long form of the normal wear of the engine, or due to improper maintenance of formation of abnormal wear are forming longitudinal stretch marks so that the engine cylinder liner, cylinder bore, piston side clearances than the specified value, the setting load of the piston ring reduced, scraping dirt phenomenon appears. Pole twisted spring within the oil ring or disconnect the oil ring in open position, scraping dirt involved in combustion, consumption of oil caused severe symptoms, the performance for diesel engine starting difficulties, and exhaust pipes clear of blue smoke, breath spray oil is serious. In addition, one side of the piston should be up, at the time of Assembly for inversion of direction causes the combustion chamber formed an inverted State, does not affect the start-up of a diesel engine, but be quite serious oil loss, fuel consumption is about 0.5 kg a day.

Third, valve guide wear will also burn diesel generator set oils were rare, but according to the information of the introduction, is a reason not to be ignored.

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