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What If The Governor Of The Generator Unit Fails?
Oct 23, 2017

All the friends who used the generator group knew that the generator would be fitted with a speed regulator, which was due to changes in the speed of the diesel engine when the load changed. Clearly, when the load of the generator set is reduced, the rotational speed increases and the rotational speed increases, which leads to the increase of the circulating oil supply of the plunger pump, and the increase of the circulating oil supply leads to the further increase of the rotational speed. Just use this governor, we can change the status quo, that is not on behalf of our Anhui generators assembled this governor will not malfunction? No. Here is a breakdown analysis of the governor.

Fitted with a speed regulator, but what happened to the unstable phenomenon? is not the quality of the generator set to buy? Of course not, the reasons for instability may be: too little oil, too low oil surface will make the air into the oil, inspection methods have, full of oil, so that it reaches the specified oil surface, check oil seals, especially the drive shaft oil seal. Look again is not the governor's components wear, do a comprehensive inspection work. There is the work oil pressure is too low, this will affect the governor's instability.

For the generator set speed instability phenomenon, we have to do a good job in the inspection, and then find a professional power generation company to do maintenance work. In addition, friends in the use of generators in addition to good inspection work, the maintenance is also indispensable.

With the continuous increase and dependence of human power supply, our work, life can not be separated from the big, and the power is now more and more, generally like hospitals, commercial and residential buildings, factories, hotels, institutions, banks, stadiums, cultural venues, stations, airports, terminals and other places can not be blackout, Then we need the generator to help. With the use of the generator set more and more wide, to our work and life has brought great help, but everything has two sides, our generator set in the process of use, there is a certain amount of smoke pollution, for our environmental protection has a certain impact.

At present, all walks of life, are advocating the implementation of energy conservation and environmental protection, of course, we should be imperative generator sets, first, we maximize the use of load, so that the output power of diesel generators fully effective use, so that hair The diesel fuel in the motor group can be fully burned. The second is to regularly replace the filter that cleans the diesel generator sets. Again is in the diesel exhaust pipe in the middle of a set of catalytic, filtration and other functions as one of the exhaust purification device. Finally, we must not use the unqualified diesel oil.

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