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What Is The Reason For The Exhaust Work Of Diesel Generator Sets
Aug 04, 2017

  What is the reason for the exhaust work of diesel generator sets

  Detailed diesel engine exhaust and engine work in the crankcase of the combustion cylinder leak, and then from the engine ventilation under the block is called the discharge of the diesel generator "phenomenon" phenomenon.

  However, according to experience, according to the "phenomenon, the main piston stick cylinder or piston ring wear, resulting in serious engine emissions of diesel generators. This engine, seizure, piston and piston ring wear and tear demolition is no exception diesel generator set, import considerations The engine is to replace the four kinds of components (cylinder, piston, piston ring, piston pin, etc.), the price is relatively high, so only mechanical cleaning and re-installation, but still diesel test machine fault electric machine. It was reported that the engine Down the exhaust after the failure of the high temperature of the continuous heavy action when the engine diesel fuel is accompanied by the engine. generator set Engine fan belt, pump, thermostat, radiator, fuel time, and other about the review part of the engine temperature phenomenon, No abnormally discovered diesel generators. Check that the high temperature diesel and diesel engines in the area are internal combustion engines after a long period of time, if the oil is too much, causing the engine to generate heat, but the time to extend the engine, the high pressure pump is constantly worn A cylinder of oil supply will not increase, so the engine is not the only The resulting high temperature diesel generator.

  When a severe turbocharger is worn, the combustion exhaust gas in the turbocharged engine passes through the turbocharger's part of the floating bearing oil passage, the exhaust gas enters the ring to escape and returns the pipe into the crankcase supercharger, Next line of gas "in diesel generators. According to the exhaust, "has become a crankcase," smoke "diesel generator sets. Later, the larger turbocharger impeller radial clearance found in the repair process of the accident, beyond the diesel generator set limits, so the turbine increased Replacement of the test engine, the engine under the exhaust, the temperature completely disappeared, diesel generator analysis shows that the turbocharger impeller radial clearance, but there is no channeling oil, turbocharger, while continuing to use, But the impeller speed has reached the original design requirements, resulting in high gas gas engine cylinder to reduce the relative long-term growth of the engine combustion and heavy engine in a timely geothermal high-pressure diesel generator generated by the engine heat pump continuous operation.

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