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Where Do Diesel Generator Placed In
Apr 07, 2017

Where do diesel generator placed in

Diesel generators power tool has become indispensable in our daily lives, especially in the hot summer, diesel generators are in short supply. When you buy a diesel generator when, do you know where the best diesel generator installed ? Shandong will introduce to you the following diesel generator installations.


Around the diesel generator set should be kept clean to avoid can be placed in the vicinity of acid and alkaline corrosive gases and vapours. Conditional configuration fire extinguishing installations.


1. protection of the generator enclosure must have a solid grounding in need of neutral-point earthing of the generator, must be carried out by a professional neutral grounding and lightning protection device configuration, non-grounding neutral point earthing of the mains. Two-way switch must be very reliable with the mains to prevent transmission. Two way switch wiring reliability required inspection authorized by local power supply Department.

2. locations need good ventilation of diesel generator, generator should have enough air inlet end there should be a good outlet for diesel engine. Outlet size should be greater than the tank area 1.5 times more. Old diesel generators required Foundation is made of concrete, in the spirit level must be used when installing the logging level to make the unit fixed to the levels on the basis of. Unit should have a special shock-proof with the base foot pad or bolts. Modern diesel generators do not need a concrete foundation, because modern diesel generating set has been improved, the whole unit is flat on the ground, and are equipped with shock absorbers, very convenient.

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3. indoor use, exhaust pipe must be guided outside diameter must be muffler pipe diameter, pipe elbows should not exceed 3 to ensure smooth smoke and down the tube 5-10 , avoid water injection ; If the exhaust pipe vertically installed, you must install a rain cover.

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